The Ultimate Guide For Making
Good PowerPoint Presentations

Turning your once boring slideshow into the most productive and colorful PowerPoint presentation requires sleight of hand, excellent organizational skills and the same strong writing knowledge which you’d bring to the table on any other day.

We present you with the ultimate guide for making good PowerPoint presentations should your school project or business meeting merit having powerful presentation tools which Microsoft helps savvy writers produce through a slew of available tools.

Begins With Outlines

You’ll have an easier time creating the entire PowerPoint presentation if you begin with the basic framework: the outline. Make a table of contents as you would any written book or case study while also deciding on theme colors and what graphical tone you’ll set throughout the entire presentation. Choose colors which are easiest for your potential audience to see from the back of the room and images of lighter colors.

Use ‘Standouts’

Things which make your content ‘pop out’ at viewers, such as bulleted points, charts of data, diagrams of various ideas and things of that nature should always be used as these are places where your actual presentation points are made.

In fact, writing full paragraphs on PowerPoint slides is nearly useless since you’ll explain the bullet points and images when presenting your slides to groups. As the ancient adage goes, one picture speaks one thousand words. Implement that idea into your PowerPoint writing. Also, consider adding some nifty cartoons into your presentation to add humor to your otherwise serious presentations.

Avoid Audibled Points

Videos and other sound effects should be avoided since they not only bog down slide load times, they take away from your presentation. Use the power of short yet succinct bullet points or sentences and heavily explanatory graphs, charts or images to allow the remainder of your writing to take it easy. It’s also been a known fact that excessive audio files and movies embedded into PowerPoint presentations have crashed computers while the presentation is taking place.


Even what may appear to be mediocre PowerPoint presentations can be spruced up to enamor the crowd which you’ll present these to. By sticking to short, powerful and upbeat verbiage and adding amazing charts and graphs into your project, you’ll find that every PowerPoint presentation can be equally fun, exciting and present excellent challenges to your intended audience. Always end your PowerPoint slide creations with an exhaustive proofread and plagiarism scan to avoid duplicate content.